Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I haven't been blogging much. Okay, at all. It's not that I don't want to. I think my issue is that we've really backtracked on FG and I don't feel like I should be giving advice or expounding virtues if I'm not walking the walk. We've had up and downs with Max. Right now, we are having downs. I was really naive about what a struggle going on vacation would be. I brought tons of treats and half a dozen bags of groceries. We still ended up piling infraction on top of infraction. Max's behavior has been proof of that. I think what is hardest for me is that Max's infractions are with approved foods, I.e. dairy, pineapple, etc. The good side of all of this is that I reconfirmed his various intolerances. No dairy. No corn syrup. No chocolate. Watermelon MIGHT be allowed back, so that's exciting. So we are spending the remainder of our time at the beach attempting to pull Max back out of Tantrum Mode. We've yanked all offending foods. I'm pumping him full of digestive enzymes and probiotics. He is at this moment taking an Epsom salt bath. All of his drinks have been dosed with club soda. I know Feingold works. I hate to compare it to something like Alcoholics Anonymous, but honestly, there are a lot of similarities. The program works if you work it. Even small slip ups can lead to disasters. So, right now, we're in a tunnel. We're working our way back out of it. I'm trying to be grateful for the fact that I know what FG is at all.