Saturday, March 3, 2012

3.2 Accountability

When I told Max I was taking pictures of his dinner, he insisted I take this one first:

However, we did not eat Mater or Lightning McQueen for dinner. We had:

3.2 DinnerAmish Noodles (Kluski) with soy sauce and butter

and Swiss Chard with Wegmans basting oil.
(Minus the Mater in the Background)

And an addendum to this...Max didn't eat the Chard. He has and does usually eat greens, but they're usually spinach. More tender, more "kid friendly." But the Chard was from the CSA pickup two weeks ago, so it was a little old and wilted. Kind of bitter to me, too. Anyway, we compromised with a can of green beans. :)

And no lunch pic 'cause it's the weekend :)

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