Monday, March 5, 2012

3.5 Accountability

So, once again, I forgot to take a dinner picture. But, since I'm sporting a brand new bruised rib and a hell of a headache, I'm giving myself a pass. Max did have dinner -- Organic Cous Cous cooked with butter and chicken stock, honeydew melon, and Organic canned Green Beans.

However, I rock -- and therefore, I packed his lunch and didn't pass the buck.

Lunch for 3.6

Organic Popcorn, "Pop-ems" Puffed Potato Chips (we're giving them a try -- we'll see), Watermelon chunks (and just praying they aren't injected with Red 40...), Canned Green Beans, Farm Bacon, Triangles of Trader Joe's Colby Jack, an Austrian Milky Way cookie bar (no preservatives), and (not pictured) Organic Pear Juice cut with water

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