Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Best Day

A happy, smiling Max. It's the best sight in the world. Today, the Fiores went on an adventure -- first, to DC to go to a French Patisserie Matt's doing business with; and second, to National Harbor, to walk along the water and browse the shops. In some ways, today was a test -- a test of the Feingold Diet, a test of Max, a test of us. In all, it was an experiment -- but we called it an adventure and hit the road.

And this adventure, this experiment, was magical. It was a perfect, beautiful day. The weather was lovely. Max was happy and bubbly and sweet. But the events of the day weren't without some bumps and obstacles. The traffic getting into DC was heavy and it took forever to find a parking spot. Then, walking to the bakery, Max got hit with gastrointestinal issues. He made it to the bathroom, but it wasn't pretty.

Yet, through all of this -- through an unfortunate seagull incident on the pier and lots of travel -- Max remained calm, happy, sweet, funny, friendly, and attentive. He listened to us. He didn't fight. The only time we started to see some negative behavior was around 3 pm at Ben and Jerrys, where the line was long and Max had yet to take a nap. He became impatient and a little whiny -- but it was NOTHING compared to the last few times we went to DC.

As we drove home, with Max asleep in the back, Matt and I ruminated on our trip to the Monster Truck show last month and the DC car show a week after that. Both of those trips weren't positive experiences -- the Monster Jam being the worst. Max hated the loud noise from the trucks -- and I mean LOUD. We were totally unprepared, unlike so many other parents and kids with huge headphone things they have at Nascar races. Shows you how much experience I have with Monster Trucks.

Anyway, aside from that, his behavior became progressively worse and worse all day. I remember him running up and down escalators, despite my telling him not to. He revolted against holding hands as we walked. The only time he sat still was when I played a show for him on my phone.

When I think back on that day, I consider the foods he ate -- I remember distinctly giving him Cars gummis, Mini M&M's, and trail mix (with M&M's and raisins.) At lunch, he ate a chocolate milkshake and french fries. Knowing what I know now, no freaking wonder he was such a mess. I'd basically provided a Rx for bad behavior.

So, of course, Max fell asleep on the way home and slept until about 6:45 pm, which I hate. I dreaded him waking up -- he's always so grumpy after a late nap. And you know what? He wasn't thrilled when I nudged him awake, but he didn't argue or fight me either. Instead, he dawdled a bit before coming to eat his dinner - and devoured a slice of bacon and a 1/2 cup of spinach, which thrilled me to no end. He didn't like his rice -- I think I put on way too much soy sauce - so I'm making some plain white rice now. I'm hoping he eats some of that, too.

All in all, this has been the best day since starting the Feingold Program, simply because we were able to live a life off the scheduled grid and sort of wing it. I brought "Max food" with me, of course, but also gave him half a coconut macaroon at the bakery and a small vanilla ice cream cone at Ben and Jerry's. We had a beautiful, fabulous family day -- the kind I've always dreamed of having. It makes all of the cost and inconvenience of this diet completely worth it!

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